Different Lives

I throughly enjoyed a concert given in St John’s Smith Square last night by my very good friend David Riddell. It featured a combination of well known classical pieces and more modern works performed by The Danish Sinfonietta.

The first piece was Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet which I used to play nearly forty years ago when I first met David. In those days I took my clarinet playing seriously enough to have considered a career as a professional orchestral player. It was all I could do not to sing along with the piece last night as it was so familiar and brought back the hours of focussed practice it took to get to that standard.

And yet I never get my clarinet out of its case these days. Even my sax sits unused in a corner of my office.

Looking back over the years it is interesting to observe my passions for music, fast motor bikes, and I suppose even the BBC, and how they have been all consuming at the time.

Wonder what will follow my current obsessions with the web, and hill walking and mountaineering?

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