A doctrine of small steps

“Since death alone is certain, and the time of death uncertain, what should I do? – Stephen Batchelor

It is so easy to go numb in the face of our individual and collective challenges, to indulge in philosophising or theorising as displacement activities. To delegate the problem to others, our parents, our spouse, our manager, consultants or even a god.

But what small step can we take now? What thought or idea can we share with those around us? What tweet, update or blog post, no matter how trivial or apparently inconsequential, might make the greatest difference to those around us if we only dare to express it?

2 thoughts on “A doctrine of small steps

  1. Beautiful post Euan.

    I often think that the thoughts and ideas which might just make the greatest difference are not always readily heard, understood or RT’d. I’ve had others honestly share that they’ve instantly dismissed what they don’t readily understand, connect with or are un-nerved by. A great reminder to keep stepping forward, explore, stay in the discomfort and continue to dare. An equally great reminder to not judge ‘success’ on the level of agreement we may receive, or the amount of RT’s or hits a post may attract – but – to always remain beautifully in the question of WHY does this feel important. As my friend Bina Briggs once expressed … truth resonates without any persuasion.

    Lovely words. Thanks for posting.


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