Trust and institutions

I am increasingly being asked to do keynotes and workshops on the broader impact of digital on the workplace. This allows me to talk about more than just “social media” and get deeper into the sort of stuff I blog about these days.

How we work together, what sort of behaviours and attitudes are effective, how we cope with the huge changes coming our way both individually and collectively are the sorts of things that fascinate me. I am also able to draw on my ten years running the BBC’s Digilab and the “nose” I developed for what is worthwhile in terms of technology and what is a waste of time and effort.

This coming together of people and technology is not new. Having spent time over the past week walking in Wales and The Peak District I have been amongst relics of Britain’s industrial revolution. I’ve been thinking a lot about how the workforce was treated during this amazing period of growth, how this led to the rise of the unions, and how those ways of organising ourselves seem increasingly outdated.

But how do we exercise influence over our working lives? How will we keep those running our businesses accountable? What sort of institutions will we see emerge in the future and how will they gain our trust? What are the prospects of using technologies like the blockchain to work this out amongst ourselves in truly distributed ways more suited to our increasingly connected lifestyles?

Lots of big questions and fun to get to increasingly spend time with smart people trying to answer them!

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