Blogging and leadership

It’s been interesting to see the strength of response to last night’s Facebook update:

Pondering the possibility that reading more poetry books and less management books will bring about the changes we need to see in the world faster.

And not just reading poetry but writing it. I have long thought that good blogging is somewhere between poetry and essays. At its best it is an attempt to distill the essence of an insight and convey that insight as concisely as possible to others.

The activity of blogging calls on the writer to develop a heightened awareness of their surroundings and to work out their reactions to those surroundings. If translated into effective writing this then triggers a similar process in others and sends ripples out into the world like lobbing a pebble into a pond.

Developing these skills of acute observation, self awareness, and ability to convey ideas compellingly would appear to be key skills in the toolkit of anyone hoping to achieve influence in any context.

This is why I still believe that blogging has enormous potential to help us sort our most significant challenges.

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