A day off?

I often don’t know what day it is. Weekends are only different because the kids are around. Bank Holidays creep up on me and are frustrating because things are closed. The joys of being a freelancer.

A while back, when I had travelled home from abroad on a Saturday, one of my wife’s friends said “Oh, do they make you work on a Saturday?”. My brain went into a flat spin trying to compute the words “they” and “make” and wondering why a Saturday was so significant.

I love doing what I do, I love doing it any time and anywhere. I love the fact that I am mostly in control of where, when and how I do it.

I have learned the need to have discipline about stopping sometimes, and need to get better at it, but do not regret the diminished importance of weekends and bank holidays as ritualised escapes from work.

One thought on “A day off?

  1. Good morning Euan. I know exactly what you mean. My wife, who works for the NHS, refer to work in a different way to me. Although what she does is clearly a vocation, there’s still that separation, particularly as regards holidays. For me, it’s just one long continuum…with one day being only slightly less busy or different to the next. Have a great Easter my friend. All the best. Julian _/_


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