Managing Boundaries

As we connect more the lines between us blur. The lines between individuals and organisations, between people within organisations, between work and home, between our inner worlds and our shared thoughts.

We are used to having those boundaries managed for us. The commute to work, the hierarchies of roles, time when we didn’t have access to technology, time when we could switch off. I see lots of signs of distress as we realise that those protections have gone or are disappearing rapidly.

We need to learn to draw our own lines. We need to work hard on working out where to draw them. We need to stand by them.

2 thoughts on “Managing Boundaries

  1. This is exactly right. But the blurred lines can also work for us. As a single mum in a demanding professional career, by not distinguishing between work time and home time, but rather concentrating on what most needs to be done at any given time, I can actually manage my career and a better work life balance than most have – although that’s not always apparent from the outside. This way more fulfilling work lies…


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