“Oh I don’t do technology”

I hear this response a lot, specially from senior people, when I talk about the internet. It’s a nervous distancing from something they don’t understand and are uncomfortable with. But frankly it’s not good enough.

David Cameron’s recently stated intention to ban messaging apps that he isn’t allowed to have back doors into is yet another sign of a worrying erosion of civil liberties which much of the population won’t understand never mind care about.

Not everyone wants to be a geek, and not everyone, including me, will understand all the nuances of why this is such a bad idea, but it is a matter of civic responsibility to at least try! The tools we use are becoming intrinsic to our lives and our ability to be effective.

Dodgy advice is being given to dodgy politicians that could have a massive ongoing impact on society and we are in danger of sleep walking into a very constrained future.

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