Social media purist

I love blogging, have done if for years, and would do it whether anyone read my posts or not. But it is also partly how I get my work. The more people read my posts, the more they are aware of what I know and can do for them, the more work I am likely to get.

However the idea that what I am doing is “content marketing” fills me with dread.

We all have a desire to have people read our stuff and respond to our posts but writing just to maximise SEO or liking our own posts here and on Linkedin to push them up other people’s newsfeeds feels like cheating.

Call me old fashioned but I’d rather maintain my genuine intent to connect with others through ideas and conversations than start chasing work by trying too hard – even if it costs me work. I watch so many organisations and marketers get this wrong. Their intent is to game people into paying attention to them.They use words like “drive” and “capture” that makes readers feel like cattle. I understand why they do it, and often they are under pressure from their organisations to increase numbers, but it feels wrong.

Someone who was in that position recently called me “a social media purist”. He wasn’t having a go, he meant it as a compliment. I reckon we could do with more social media purists out there…

3 thoughts on “Social media purist

  1. Aha, yes, this is helpful. I recently attended a business expo and felt a little overwhelmed/disheartened by the exhortations to hustle for readers. Wrangling followers is not an inspiring prospect. Having conversations and learning more is more fun and comes much more naturally. Nice to clear that up.


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