Throw caution to the wind

When on a slippery, wet, narrow ridge on a high mountain in blustery wind my instinct is to hunker down, make myself small, to cling to something solid. The trouble is this shrinks my spirit. It makes me feel vulnerable and weak. It dulls my thinking and clouds my mind with images of disaster rather than success.

When we feel at risk our most common reaction is to become cautious, to play things safe. I remember when editors faced the risk of being made redundant from the BBC most of them tried to do the right thing, to be “good”, to fit in. They were successful in blending in to the background. This was the most risky thing they could do.

Standing out, being brave, being proactive and making a difference. These are the activities that would have made them safer. These are the most sensible things to do when under threat. These are the things that are the hardest to do.

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