Not giving up

Working with people in large organisations I often encounter those who have given up. They are doing the minimum necessary because it feels like anything else is pointless. Too many years of not being noticed or listened to, too many initiatives having been done to them, too many of their managers having been promoted beyond their level of competence. It is easy to see why futility creeps in. I’ve been there and remember well the creeping cynicism that works its way into your personality like acid.

But there is always something you can do, however small. Somehow, somewhere, you have given people permission to treat you the way they do. Subtly, probably unintentionally, you have signalled acquiescence. But you can change this.

You can start to say no. You can assert yourself in the smallest ways. You can start to rebuild that muscle. You can work out what your limits are and exercise them. You can start to rebuild a sense of agency and control in your life.

You have to, the other way lies madness.

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