A world of a difference

Having been in very different parts of the world over the last few weeks, with what were outwardly very different people, I am reminded yet again how alike we all are. Generally we like the same things, we fear the same things, and we express our likes and fears in very similar ways.

And yet we seem determined to find and focus on our differences. Watching some of the fear filled reporting on events in Ferguson in the US I marvel at our willingness to be steered to a sense of difference rather than alikeness.

We should be so, so wary of those who have a vested interest in playing on our fears of imagined difference. This would be a very different world if we were.

One thought on “A world of a difference

  1. It’s an intriguing situation when an understandable wish to stand up for empathy and compassion and justice seems to become (needlessly) fixed on to a irrationally polarised narrative of white = racist = trigger-happy = above the law; black = innocent = child = a worthless life.

    It seems so easy to just play this polarisation and demonisation game – and we even saw with the Trayvon case that one US news network edited an entirely inoffensive recording of a phone call in such a way that the Hispanic guy then (wrongly) appeared to be blatantly racist. When journalists seemingly feel they must advocate one or other side of a polarised agenda, we’re really in trouble…

    This whole dynamic is certainly very unhelpful, and unilluminating…

    I’m glad you pointed this kind of thing out – rather than just rushing to take sides, as pretty much everyone else does…


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