It always amuses me when someone introduces themselves as “a professional communicator” leaving me feeling like an enthusiastic amateur after fifty four years.

In most businesses communication has become a thing. A thing with its own department and dedicated staff. A thing that you can get certificates for and become more senior at. A thing that makes others, who are not blessed with the title communicator, feel that they are not good at or even entitled to do.

But we all do it all the time. It is the only way work gets done. In fact in pretty much anything but assembly line manufacture, and I suspect even there, it is a key part of everyone’s job. It is something that we should all aspire to becoming better at.

Maybe professional communicators should stop doing it for us and start helping us get better at doing it ourselves?

One thought on ““Communication”

  1. Very true – as ever.

    The phrase "a natural born communicator" always grated with me when I worked in PR – especially as it would be used in a press release to puff up a new recruit to a PR company. There is something very odd about trying to carve out a group of professionals who are the "natural born communicators"…


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