Wherever you go there you are

Another post prompted by a quote, this one from Jon Kabat Zinn.

I am going to be in Amsterdam for a couple of days this week and possibly Bangkok next. I love being places and know that I am privileged to get to travel so much with my work. But I remember sitting on a tropical beach in Australia a couple of years ago and being struck that there I was, in what most would consider an idyllic setting, not really seeing the beauty around me because I was wallowing in the troubled thoughts in my head.

We are sold the idea that if we buy the tropical holiday we will be happy. If we move to the bigger house we will be happy. If we change jobs we will be happy. But happiness isn’t something we get, it is something we do. We can be happy, or unhappy, anywhere and any time we choose.

Being aware of our thoughts and taking responsibility for them is hard work. How we see the world around us is a reflection of the way we are as much as the way it is. If we don’t like it then it is ourselves we have control over. It is our thoughts we have to change.

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