The real world

In my work I get to help amazing people, doing amazing things, often in tough places, using social media. Not marketing things people don’t want, not distracting them with silly viral videos, but reaching out to make a difference. It can be very humbling.

It is easy to sneer at the online world. It is easy to obsess about the latest tweaks to the interfaces we use. It is easy to forget that these tools are not an end in themselves.

They are what we make them. They can be the means to significant and important ends. What matters is our intent in using them.

2 thoughts on “The real world

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog with the journal challenge community, Euan.

    You write, "…I have to overcome my inhibitions about stating the obvious!"

    I hear you.

    My perception and study says that we have been brainwashed since the advent of religion to conform to a standard of behavior.

    This "fitting in" should not be the bedrock of a civil society that we have been mis-educated to believe it to be.

    It makes people very uncomfortable to hear compelling views from another because they may choose to feel lesser for not having such easy access to wisdom.

    The sin comes from thinking knowledge or gnosis is about IQ, a well financed ivy league education or any other notion of superiority.

    Its about observation of what in the hell is really going on past other people’s definition.

    We are of nature and outside of it. Common sense has been accurately identified as a threat to patriarchal established powers of money and force that believe they can own and run the world.

    There is a terribly racist and anti- Southern U.S. Disney movie I saw as a child called π‘†π‘œπ‘›π‘” π‘œπ‘“ 𝑑h𝑒 π‘†π‘œπ‘’π‘‘h.All the animated characters are essentially blackface stereotypes of slavery era North America all "yessur Massa" you know?

    As I live in the state of Arkansas in the U.S. I have come to know even as an upper middle class white man how its common still today to belittle this area and its people as stupid when nothing could be further from the truth. This trend occurs world wide as calling people backward for being still connected to the country side.

    In the film I mentioned is an animated character called Briar Rabbit, if you didn’t know, and he uses reverse psychology to trick his attackers into throwing him into the Briar Patch of spiky thorns that they fear but is home to a rabbit like him.

    Stating one’s point of view unhindered by orthodoxy is inherently offensive to those who feel more comfortable inside the box so its an honest obvious good fight to have just daring to be and see what we see.

    I’m glad I have been regularly cast out from community for being different. Thanks for also facing your fears to be yourself.

    I like your succinct posts.

    I like the high contrast white black simplicity of the look of your blog.

    I am just starting my blog so I will continue to learn by looking at yours.


    1. Thanks for the comment Chad. As you will see my most recent post is all about people being brave enough to challenge all sorts of orthodoxy as orthodoxy is the hiding place of bullies!

      Glad you are starting blogging again – let me know the url once you get going.


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