One at a time

I have been working with lots of senior people from European industry this week, for many of whom active work engagement in social tools is still a pretty alien concept. Even though the events went well, and the participants were receptive and enthusiastic about the possibilities for their organisations, I know that most of them wont, yet, actively engage.

But then I chatted to one of the older dads at Mollie’s pre-prom party last night and he said he wanted to start blogging. He is very involved as a governor in various schools, is passionate about education, and wants to share his insights more widely and build connections. I sent him off fired up and with a copy of my book under his arm.

Keeping my faith that everyone can ultimately benefit from more open and connected thinking can sometimes feel hard. But I still believe that it will happen. One person at a time, for their reasons not mine, over and over, everyone will realise that raising our game, thinking harder, sharing what we think, and working stuff out together is inevitable.

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