Edglings and a world without centres

Many moons ago Stowe Boyd described those of us exploring the possibilities of online networks as edglings. Today a workshop participant picked up on the reference to edglings in my book and triggered thoughts about the edges of organisations, how impermeable they are becoming, who crosses them and recrosses them, and even edges within organisations between the many departments, silos and tribes.

Many of us feel that the interesting stuff on organisations happens at the margins – creativity, innovation, change etc.. But what if there is nothing to be at the edges of? What if there is no centre to be marginal to?

In a long but well worth reading article, The coming digital anarchy, Matthew Sparkes explores a world of decentralised systems where the algorithms behind Bitcoin are applied to other aspects of our lives and in which the centralisation of, and potential abuse of, power becomes a thing of the past.

Exciting? Scary? Or maybe both?

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