So much that is wrong with the world is down to men.

Not due to biology, or genetic mutation, but expectations. How they expect the world to react to them, how society expects them to behave, what they expect to get away with and how they expect other men to react.

More of us should dash their expectations.

2 thoughts on “Manliness

  1. I have hesitated to respond to this (pretty amazing, since it’s certainly the shortest post of yours I can recall reading, yet it’s given me more pause), but I think it needs at least one man to say something. So . . . here ’tis.

    If I had the energy, I’m sure there’s enough material to write a reasonably comprehensive essay on at least a half dozen examples of why you are excruciatingly correct. Instead, I’ll just say I agree with you wholeheartedly, and add I believe it imperative upon us men to understand why this is so . . . and do something about it, which includes calling out our brothers when they’re being asshats.


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