What’s stopping you?

Last week I did three workshops for CIOs and CTOs on how using social tools could help them get back some of the influence they have lost in their organisations. Rather than banning the tools they should be using them to keep their own teams better informed and to reconnect with their organisations.

As with HR Directors many of them aspire to be listened to at the highest levels but as I said, “How can you be a thought leader if no one knows what you think?”.

My last four slides had the words Vulnerability, Courage and Trust followed by the question “What’s stopping you?”. It was fascinating to hear senior people express concern about saying what they think in public. Feeling exposed, issues of accountability, and even the old chestnut “I have nothing to say that people would be interested in”.

Really? Is that really true? Is it true for you? What’s stopping YOU?

3 thoughts on “What’s stopping you?

  1. This highlights the significant change in behaviour that most people have to work through to feel comfortable participating in the corporate context. I had similar feedback about a very social intranet (technology wise) recently, where people said "I don’t feel safe posting", "I don’t know where those comments will end up, or who will see them". The approach/line of questioning I use is similar! Really, what could happen that’s so bad? Is that really where we’re working?

    And it’s often feedback you hear in companies where the headline strategy is something like ‘We’re collaborative, and one Company!’. The disconnect between the slogan and reality is vast.


    1. I use a picture of Sartre on one of my slides Alex as I really believe that what we are talking about represents an existential challenge to most people. So much more than the tinkering with channels that has been the case up until now.


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