Working things out

Life used to be simpler. The people around us showed us how to live, schools taught us how to behave, and work rewarded us for doing so. Following the rules kept us safe and modestly happy.

Things are harder now and they are going to get even harder. The grown ups in many, if not most, institutions and workplaces are losing the plot. We face a plethora of life choices with ever shakier means of making them.
Even deciding if the information or images we see online is true or photoshopped and distorted is a source of stress.

We need to get better, faster, at learning how to deal with all of this. We need to get better at working out what is good, what is bad; what works and what doesn’t; what is up and what is down. The internet is part of the cause of our stress but it can also help us. If we use it less to consume the ever increasing tsunami of information, and more to work things out, both individually and collectively, we might avoid the relativistic mush we are being sucked into.

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