Bloody good conversations

Last week Matt Ballantine said of me on Twitter:

@euan you’re like the bartender in the great pub that is the social Web… Teetotalers make the best landlords ;o)

And previously Bernie Goldbach said somewhere that the comments threads on my Facebook posts was like watching late night TV discussion shows.

OK so yesterday’s thread on Atheism was a bit extreme with so far a total of 168 comments. I did seriously think before I posted it as I knew it was a classic online flamewar topic, but I really wanted a good exchange about it. I thought long and hard about the way I expressed the idea and genuinely wanted to kick off a conversation. It was a blast!

Intent is everything. I am not doing what I do online to game people or market my services. Clearly I get work through people seeing what I do and wanting to emulate it, but I would be doing it anyway. In terms of numbers I don’t attract nearly as many as other people I know, but I really, really love it. I love conversations. I love interesting subjects, I love working things out. I love working out loud.

Why can’t marketers or communications and PR folks understand that that is what I want them to do when they come into my online spaces? I want them to be interesting, I want them to be interested, and I want them to generate great conversations about what they do.

A while back someone asked me to write something about metrics. I replied “How do you measure bloody good conversations with interesting people?”.

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