Not so smart

At a recent conference one of the speakers, without a hint of irony, put up a slide which read “We need to attract and retain the best talent.” To my horror the lady in front of me raised her phone to take a photo of it. Really?!!

How many years have we been trotting out that same trite truism, and how long have we been doing the opposite? Our organsations don’t generally treat smart people well. Smart people think for themselves. Smart people say what they think out loud. Smart people tell us when what we are doing isn’t so smart. We don’t like this.

I spent the weekend in Italy helping to plan this year’s SOTN for which the theme will be “Smart Life”. As I mentioned to Paolo, my friend and one of the founders, the first step to becoming smart is being willing to admit that you are stupid. We need to get better at this.

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