Customer service done right.

When we renovated our house a couple of years ago we decided to put in an air source heat pump. We are not on gas mains and oil is only going to get dearer as time goes by. The system worked OK and our bills were about a third what they had been previously. Not easy to be totally accurate about this as we weren’t comparing like with like, not least the fact that we went from a leaky thirties build to essentially a modern, insulated house, but it certainly seems to be saving us a lot of money and the house was warm.

Then just before Christmas we started to hear gurgling noises in the radiators. It turns out that the heat exchanger had developed a leak and water had got into the refrigerant line inside the outdoor unit, and we would have to replace the whole system. Not only this but despite documentation from the installer that indicated that we were still within guarantee there was a lack of agreement as to when that period had begun.

We had minimal help from Green Air Heating, who we bought the system from, who chose to be rigid about the install date and guarantee. On the other hand the system suppliers Heat & Save, did the right thing and recognised that a castrophic failure of this kind should not happen, whether within the guarantee or not, and they have replaced it with their latest system which actually works much better than the original.

I am aware that I indulge in the occasional grump online about poor service but I wanted to give Heat & Save public thanks for not only doing the right thing but sticking with it to make sure that we were happy with their product. Good customer service is as much about recovery when things go wrong as it is about everything going smoothly in the first place!

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