So have I evolved?

I met up with my friend Jeff Hall this week for a coffee. Almost literally the first thing he said to me was “So have you evolved or are you still doing the same thing?”. I am ready for this question these days and calmly took it in my stride. “No, not evolved, still doing the same thing.”

I used to feel guilty when asked this sort of question. I felt somehow lacking because I wasn’t building a business, employing staff, aiming for the big figure buy out. I haven’t done big promotional tours for my book (OK, so I’m slightly miffed about that one), and I don’t pay PR or marketing people to “build my brand”. It is still just me, writing, speaking, doing workshops and having conversations with people – and I love it. Long may it continue. The idea of retirement is totally alien to me now. I will happily keep doing this until too old to keep going.

And what is “this”? It is just me thinking, speaking and writing in public. Working stuff out. Working me out. Working the world out. In doing so I also hope to encourage other people, one at a time, to do the same. To think more, to write more, to share more and to connect more. Why do I do it? Because it feels good and it also feels important. I believe passionately that this is how we will deal with our individual and collective challenges. Not with strategies, not with movements, not with ideologies or dogma. But one thought at a time, one conversation at a time, one blog post at a time.

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