What to do with Twitter?

I’ve been somewhat neglecting Twitter recently and mostly using it to broadcast things I am doing elsewhere. I don’t seem to have the inclination to nail things in 140 characters that I used to. I feel guilty even retweeting other stuff as it doesn’t seem to add enough value.

I began to invest less in Twitter because it felt as if there was less energy there (I believe that this was the cause of my lowered investment in it rather than the result of it). I have more fun and better conversations in Facebook these days so that is where I put my focus. Twitter is becoming a bit like Google+, somewhere I go because I feel I should rather than because I want to.

Are others seeing the same thing or is it just one of those phases that we all go through?

6 thoughts on “What to do with Twitter?

  1. I think it’s a phase. I did the same thing last year. Now I’m finding I’m getting out of it roughly what I put in. I just have to ignore all the chest beating that goes on.


  2. From my experience, I find more difficulty on feeding my current company’s Twitter account that on feeding my company’s FaceBook one. When the time to share content comes, FB provides more interaction. So I agree with you, Euan, despite your book "Organizations don´t tweet…"’ (which I found so useful for my MA dissertation topic).And do you really think that Google+ is a have-to-go place? I was just balancing these days if I have/have not to be there… (I mean, my company…)Thanks for your useful comments!


    1. Hi Maria

      glad you found the book useful and the Twitter reference in the title was really about all social platforms. I think the balancing act of what provides value must be even harder when you are using the tools on behalf of a company rather than as an individual but the issues are the same. Yeah, Google+, I keep trying…



  3. I agree with Niall…it’s a phase. Social media populations seldom use only one platform. But they also rotate around according to how their own friends move, what their targeted customers like and new features that have been added. It’s like fashion. But Twitter was also never designed for long and deep engagements. It was meant to be channels where information flows through…a bit like what Facebook’s Paper is trying to do. In addition, in a world where people want to view videos and graphics first before entering a conversation, twitter with its hash tags and 140 letters seldom excite. Just my $0.02…


  4. I also agree. Your observation makes sense and I believe you can link this to one of Ralph Stacey’s quotes (often used by Dave Snowden): "knowledge is not a thing, or a system, but an ephemeral, active process of relating in which you cannot manage it”. It’s the relating part that is poor within Twitter. Yes! You can have conversations with Twitter, but these conversations just miss any context as you need to squeeze your thoughts in just 140 characters. That’s why I am still a big fan of blogging. Blogging helps you to elaborate more on your thoughts and ideas (like you writing this blog post) which trigger the conversations among others (like I writing a comment to your blog post). That’s where we start creating new knowledge, because it’s the ‘process of relating’. And no, you cannot manage this, you can only encourage it.

    That’s also why I just moved to Thumblr. This gives you a platform that actually does everything I already did with multiple services. I don’t need to bookmark via Delicious, microblog via Twitter and blog via Squarespace. All these things are integrated in Tumblr … and it’s a better experience than Google+


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