Start with why

Reading this article about the BBC’s mismanagement of its digital transformation programme reminded me of the book Start With Why. I’ll admit to not having read the book yet, it’s on my list, but the title strikes me as a good strap line for my business.

There has been so much bluster about social media and social business with a lot of money spent on technology that has more often than not failed to have impact. What is almost never focussed on is giving people are reason why – and “because we told you to” doesn’t work any more!

Helping people individually and collectively work out how social tools can improve their lot is what I believe I help with.

One thought on “Start with why

  1. I’ve seen a talk by Simon Sinek on this subject (maybe a TED talk) and it was compelling stuff. It also fits in with ideas from Frankl about what makes us work as human beings.


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