Reality checks

Most of the time in my work I encounter people who are interested in the social web and generally up for it. My greatest pleasure is inspiring them to become more active and involved. Sometimes I meet people who are sneering and dismissive, but their reactions say as much about them as about anything we get up to on Twitter.
Occasionally I come across people who make me stop in my tracks. People who have engaged online and backed off, or who have had negative experiences. People who remind me that everything has a dark side.

This is a good thing. This makes me stop and think. Sometimes it makes me scared that I am being naïve and overly optimistic and that human nature will never change. At the very least it is a wake up call that reduces the risk of me being some sort of cyber-utopian idealist.


I still think the Internet isn’t going away. I still think it’s the most disruptive and exciting change since the printing press. I still think that it will be what we make it and that the more people I can help get involved in this great experiment the better.

3 thoughts on “Reality checks

  1. Is there a good rebuttal for someone who says this:

    "Does anyone know how to cancel <social network>? I am desperate to not be part of this as I have too much work to do and can’t see how to stop getting it"

    or should I not bother replying?


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