Have you got what it takes to be an IT fascist?

My daughter is going through her mock GCSEs at the moment and the other day sat her ICT mock. In it there was a question along the lines of “You are an IT manager and you have been asked to provide staff with access to the internet. List three disadvantages”.

Really, is this what we need to be teaching sixteen year olds about computing? Do we need to be grooming them at such an early age to be the gatekeepers of the future?

Give me strength!

2 thoughts on “Have you got what it takes to be an IT fascist?

  1. I gagged. Then I thought, "well, at least the school system understands that such decisions are made rather than just appearing from the ether" — I’m doubtful that many others have ever thought about it. Perhaps the UK could make my book required reading? Terri


  2. It just made me laugh. The world has changed so much in the last 10 years, in the way we exchange information and manage knowledge, but we still basically teach kids in the same way as we have for 100 years.


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