I finish my keynotes and workshops with an image of a heart and quote David Weinberger who once said, paraphrased, that what makes the Internet hang together isn’t technology or IP but love, the basic human desire to be connected. Connected to each other and to something bigger than themselves.

I am reminded of this yet again for the following three reasons.

We have had my good friend Halley Suitt Tucker staying with us this weekend and it has been a real delight. Halley is a good friend despite the fact that we have only been in the same place at the same time two or three times in the thirteen years that we have known each other and yet we know each other better than people I have lived beside for the same length of time.

This great article is fascinating. It is about the possibility of sufficiently large networks developing consciousness. Oddly in the last few paragraphs the writer appears to dismiss the possibility of shared human consciousness but talks of the technology of the Internet achieving consciousness through scale. He is clearly not a blogger! Whatever, the article really resonated with my current reading The Transparency Of Things by Rupert Spira which explores the nature of consciousness, our minds, and the possibility that we are all part of a shared consciousness.

And finally a moment ago I received an email from “the other Euan Semple”. Google vanity searches over the years had convinced me that my name was sufficiently unusual to make me the only Euan Semple in the world but just in the last couple of months I have become aware of a Euan Semple who lives in Clare in Australia. I reached out by email last week, he has just responded, and I am now connected with myself!

Three things that made me think harder this weekend about connectedness.

2 thoughts on “Connectedness

  1. You’ll have to catch up with your doppelganger next time you’re in Adelaide – Clare’s about a 90 min drive north, in great wine country 🙂


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