Lifelong Learning

What’s that about then? Every time I hear the phrase I find myself pondering the alternatives. If you aren’t inevitably involved in lifelong learning you are going to proactively stop. How does that happen? Deciding that you have learned enough and preventing anything new getting in? Putting your fingers in your ears and singing “tralalala” whenever anything new comes near you?

I suppose it is analogous to the idea of retirement. “I’ve worked enough – I’ll stop now” or “I’ve learned enough – I’ll stop now”. Neither of them appeal.

3 thoughts on “Lifelong Learning

  1. foreverlearning = we all are. For me, lifelong learning is actively looking at developing skills or knowledge that inspires us to explore the new and unknown or to gain clarity or experience in areas we know something of.


  2. I’m guilt of using the phrase. To me it suggests that everything we do is a form of learning; that we continuously acquire new knowledge and experiences, learning from successes and failures, collaboration and individual pursuits. Here I think ‘lifelong learning’ is used to as a counterpoint to those who have the mindset that the completion of formal education at school or university or in an apprenticeship is the end goal. Memory full up, nothing further to add.


  3. It is not that we stop anything new from getting but rather how we react to the information and experiences that we are exposed to. While I think the term lifelong learning has become a bit insipid it is an important mindset to adopt to ensure personal growth and development.


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