Whatsapp in the board room

I have now heard of two organisations, large ones, in different parts of the world, involved in serious business, whose senior execs are using Whatsapp to communicate with each other. And IT thought that Facebook was a challenge!

Who needs over engineered, overpriced social platforms when people are starting to do it for themselves using consumer platforms? I can hear the cries about security and professional level tools already – but isn’t it too late? Haven’t the trojan mice already bolted? Sure it’s just like texting at one level, sure the amount you can say in these apps is limited, but if the senior folks are already using consumer technology of this type it will be fascinating to see where this takes us.

8 thoughts on “Whatsapp in the board room

  1. There truly is nothing new under the sun. The Whatsapp tale can be crossed with the ridiculousness of generational preference for, "Those that get it." In 1989 I was involved in a project for a large prescription fulfillment company. A product development team of six had bought Apple Computers, networked them with Appletalk and shared files with AppleShare. IT was unaware. Proprietary R&D work, on a stand-alone, unauthorized, shared micro-LAN.

    There’s value to SBS and I’m certain you know it. Some are expensive but offer incredible collaborative and communication capability. However, easy to use tools are within easy reach. People will work in the way they like best. Our rule is to share a document when you name it and immediately include collaborators and stakeholders. It shortens the time it takes to get to the best work. Some hate it, wanting to get to their second draft before they share. Funny how difficult it’s been to win boardroom hearts and minds for social business solutions – but make it easy, fast and free…


  2. I remember a blog post you wrote about a year ago about typing text into small rectangular boxes.

    That, supported by hyperlinks to / with people you want to reach, is about all there is, really.

    Making the exchanges visible adds a dimension of openness that can often be important.

    Yes, it’s qualitatively different than using the phone or using letters or memos. That’s why it’s creating (deep sociological and political) change in the workplace as this form of communication evolves.


  3. Please amend the following phrase in my earlier comment …

    "That’s why it’s creating (deep sociological and political) change in the workplace"

    .. to read "That’s a key reason why it could potentially lead to deep sociological and political change in the workplace"


  4. Hi, I am currently in a grad course and am doing a presentation on social media in learning and business is it possible to get the names of the companies? If not their names, then the types of business they are in? Thanks I just want to mention this blog in my presentation.


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