Blogging angst

My friend Dave Tebbutt is wondering whether to give up his blog or not. Many of us over the years go through periods of questioning why we blog and if it is worth it. For me the biggest reason to blog is personal. If I don’t blog I don’t think as much, or at least not with as much focus. I don’t notice as much. I am less aware of what is happening around me and what it might mean. Of course if you blog in public then hopefully others will benefit from your efforts and if you are seen to be interesting and know what you are talking about then the process can lead to all sorts of opportunities. It’s like lobbing pebbles into ponds. You don’t always know where the ripples are going to go but you get better at lobbing bigger pebbles into better ponds.

I don’t think it even matters where you blog these days. Yes, there is something about the dedicated blogging tools, like Squarespace which I use, that makes them more powerful than say writing updates in Facebook, and the biggest reason to have a dedicated blog is that it is your space, your gravitational centre on the web in the midst of the ephemera of Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. But those of you on Facebook or Google + will have noticed that I have started replicating my whole blog posts in those two platforms. This is because just linking to my blog posts seemed unreasonable. I was expecting people to click on the link and go somewhere else. Posting straight into Facebook has led to some great conversations and is consistent with my advice to clients to go where people are rather than expect them to go somewhere else.

So in fact I am currently making an effort to blog more often. This post is a result of it. I’d noticed Dave’s agonising, nearly ignored it, decided it was interesting enough to blog about, and here we are. Hope you found it interesting too!

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