Technology and change.

We are experiencing a seismic shift in how we see the world that is primarily social and cultural rather than simply technological. Sure the technology is helping, but it is meeting a need more often than it is creating it. We had to be ready for what the technology could do for us. We had understand its potential. We had to want what it could do for us.

This is also true of organisations. Too often, as has been the way since the dawn of IT implementations, organisations will go out and spend a fortune on a new platform and neither put enough effort into preparing people for what it is expected to achieve, nor prepare them to respond to the organisational challenges that the change will bring about.

I am increasingly being asked to help deal with the consequences of both of these omissions.

A colleague at the BBC once called me the Terence Conran of Anoraks. I was chuffed at that description. I love technology if it is well designed, fun to use, and makes us more effective and life better. Technology as an end in itself really bores me. This is why the blanket use of the word “Digital” or statements like “I don’t do technology” drive me nuts. Technology is increasingly indistinguishable from how we live our lives. We need to get over our hangups about technology, both our fear of it and our naïve faith in it, and start making the most we can of it.

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