Many of you will have noticed, either through my Facebook updates or my newsletter, that I like to point to interesting things. Whether stunning images, quirky insights, or ideas that interest me, they are all things that have made me think “Ooh that’s interesting.”

The things I find interesting say something about me. Shared links are like the clothes you wear, they project an image of yourself that you hope some people will find attractive and be drawn to. This process of curating stuff that appeals to you allows you to be found by people who share your interests. This helps start relationships and build networks. This is how you get to do interesting things with interesting people.

Curatorship adds as much value inside organisations as it does for freelancers like myself. If you don’t already have one you need to find a platform on which to carry out and share the results of your own curatorship. It can be as simple as sharing links by email.

Early link blogs were a way of pointing to stuff and saying why it was interesting. Nowadays there are all sorts of tools to curate your stuff from Pinterest to Pinboard, but the principle remains the same.

Take your curatorship seriously, become known for your discernment and as someone who finds good stuff, who adds more signal than noise. Do this and interesting things will start to happen.

3 thoughts on “Curatorship

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Tricky bit is which platform? Or platforms? I find myself with lots of interesting stuff to share, but stymied by the process of sharing. Certain irony, given we live in social media-driven world.


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