Neville Hobson’s Flute


Every Saturday morning my friend Neville Hobson heads off to his local Waitrose to buy some French bread. He tweets about this, as he does about his first cup of tea or coffee the other days of the week. This morning he posted a photo of his shopping trolley and I found myself wondering what other shoppers would think of him taking the photo and posting it on the web. Would they think he’s mad, would they make a sneering comment about more trivia on Twitter?

I love it. I love that it lets me know that Neville is around, that he’s online and contactable. I love the reassuring regularity of it. I love it in the same way you would looking out of your window and seeing the same person walk past each morning.

Sometimes it’s the trivial and unimportant that makes us feel more alive and more human.

4 thoughts on “Neville Hobson’s Flute

  1. Other Waitrose ‘French’ sticks are available (e.g. the Essential Baguette, the Stonebaked Baguette and the Flute) but the Flute usually has more of an authentic crust; whereas the Essential is often doughy (slightly undercooked?) and the Stonebaked can be more like a hard-baked Ciabatta.

    Historically speaking, Bread is far from trivial. For example the Lord’s Prayer includes an exhortation to give us our Daily Bread, it does not say give us our Daily Telegraph…



  2. I must admit that I was more impressed by Neville’s Cho Cho than his flute or Telegraph. Neville posted a picture of a Chayote (Cho Cho or vegetable pear) from his local Tesco Extra this morning. I learned something and I will buy one soon out of complete curiosity.


  3. I see these postings the same way. Having coffee and doing shopping or gardening tweets and photos are the tech mediated familiar human patterns of the global online village I live in.


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