How writing a blog can make you a better manager.

I often think back to my days as a line manager. Working with people in big organisations I am reminded of the fears and frustrations that come with the job. I remember feeling out of my depth and unsure of the responsibility. I remember thinking that the job would come with a manual and that someone would give me clear instructions on what to do in every situation. This didn’t happen. It still doesn’t happen. You have to mostly work stuff out for yourself – and this is where a blog comes in.

Writing a blog can help in the following ways:

  • You notice more. You become more aware of what is happening around you because you may choose to write about it one day.
  • Writing your thoughts and reactions to the challenges you face helps to externalise them, to get them out of your head and down in writing. This helps to keep things in perspective and allows you to deal with them more objectively.
  • Even if you don’t publish your post you have still had a reason to stop and think.
  • If you do publish, and others read your post, you open up the possibility of others relating to your understanding or insight. They might have had it too and share their own experiences. They might be part of a problem you have described and be able to help solve it. They may be your staff and benefit from knowing where you are coming from and the thinking behind your actions.

I never underestimate the courage it takes to do this, especially in the early days, but the rewards, in my experience, make it well worth your while giving it a go.

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