That first CEO blog post

Your first “hello world” blog post is hard whoever you are – and whoever you think is going to read it. But imagine doing your first blog post as a senior executive. You’ve probably only ever written business documents or emails on your own. Most of your more visible “communications” have probably been written for you by someone else – perhaps even a team of people. In fact those same people are probably itching to write your first blog post for you. Whatever you do, resist the temptation. It’s a slippery slope. First they help you, then they start to write the posts for you, then you get busy or bored, and the next thing you know it is not your blog but someone else’s. By the very nature of the process they can’t have any authenticity or power in their writing and pretty soon we end up with the same old bland business communication that we have all learned to ignore or hate.

So what’s the alternative? Be brave, say what you really think, say it in your own words. And I mean your own words – the way you would talk to a friend. Not falsely informal nor nervously official. Your real voice, the real you. Surprisingly this is what makes it so damn hard. We are often not usually our real selves at work. Often we have forgotten how to speak normally! It feels raw, you feel vulnerable, it an’t natural. But it is. It is the most natural and effective way to truly communicate with someone. To make a real connection. If you can remember how to do it, and write like you mean it, then things can only get easier and real magic starts to happen.

4 thoughts on “That first CEO blog post

  1. I wish my former CEO had a blog, an honest one. May be it would have help people understand what he wanted with his company.


  2. Great advice Euan – as a comms professional I have to live with spectre of ghost writing as part of the landscape and in most forms of corporate communication it is just about acceptable. I draw the line with blogging. The reason blogging works and has such emotional impact is authenticity. For any senior executives out there planning to blog for their internal or external audiences, unless you are prepared to invest your own time in exposing the real you (and it need not be much), please don’t bother!


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