Life lessons from the keyboard.

Slowing things down, even the bad things, allows us to truly experience them, to be truly alive to the moment – every moment. We only have so many of them available to us so we ought to do our best to really experience them.

Even the discomfort I often feel when typing can be an example of this. I tend to bash on, trying to type faster than I actually can. I get frustrated at the many mistakes I make and spend a lot of unnecessary time and effort going back and correcting slips. But recently I have begun to slow down and notice my typing more, allowing myself that microsecond of awareness, giving myself the chance to notice which key I am about to press and then, most importantly, not getting frustrated or irritated when I miss a key. I notice it. I notice my fleeting irritation. I notice the tension. I notice that that irritation is briefly my focus rather than the typing and that this makes me more likely to make the next mistake. Staying calm keeps me in the moment. It helps me make less mistakes.

Maybe the same could be true of the rest of my life…

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