The power of the unassuming web

There is so much bluster and marketing push around the whole social thing. But it is just the web, the internet, gradually creeping into our lives and into our work lives. Modest aspirations, modest claims. That’s the way to make social happen. Let it creep at its own pace. Be interested in its twists and turns. Let it find its level and pace – but don’t force it. It’s like water, stronger than rock. It takes time and it is similarly modest and unassuming. 

One thought on “The power of the unassuming web

  1. So very well said …

    Amazing, innit, the amount of rapid almost-instant analysis of the next new thing, the "where’s the money’ refrain, the "it’s bad (or good) for me / for us", etc.? But that ‘electronic hyper-linked atmosphere’ in which we all (will) live keeps on slipping its tendrils further and deeper and wider into out individual and collective lives, and will continue to do so.


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