I make a big deal in my keynotes and workshops of the fact that using social tools helps us as individuals to notice more. If you have somewhere to write, or to share photographs, you become more aware of your surroundings and what is happening around you.

I had a striking reminder of this last night. I was on my way back from my keynote in Sydney for the Australian Computer Society which took place in a function room on The Rocks in Sydney Harbour. I was tired and hungry and focused on finding somewhere to eat. I had been aware of the fact that there was a full moon but not paid it too much attention. I had also become rather blasé about being in the harbour and the wonderful views there. I glanced up at the moon over Sydney Opera House and almost ignored it and continued walking. However the thought that people on Facebook might enjoy it made me stop and take this photograph. I am glad I did.

5 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. "I was tired and hungry and focused on finding somewhere to eat"Sometimes you have to "notice" yourself and your bodily needs. Had a prime example of that last week. Such low energy the batteries were on "red" – not a good space at work in a social situation. Needs explaining to people.That said great photo.


  2. Stunning photo Euan! I recently had an experience that took me by surprise and made me think how easily we take for granted our surroundings. It was early morning and I was out walking my dog prior to going to work. As I walked some useful ideas began to formulate in my mind. With no paper to hand I looked at my phone for inspiration and remembered that it had an audio recorder. I captured my thoughts, pausing and recording throughout the rest of the walk; and then emailed the file to my work address. When I arrived at work and played back the audio I was surprised to hear the most beautiful birdsong in the background. Now when I walk I make a more conscious effort to listen and look at what is around me. In the rush our lives so easily miss these simple things.


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