Why writing matters

“That is what writing is – telling what you think. Telling other people certainly, but primarily telling yourself. And that is why we must write – to find out what we think, to discover what we believe.
Because until we write it down, we don’t know what is actually at the root of our lives.”

More good stuff from George Sheehan. I am currently reading Personal Best, written at the start of the nineties and mostly on the philosophy of running. I am not usually drawn to writing about sport but this book, really a collection of essays, is great.

4 thoughts on “Why writing matters

  1. Until I started writing (blogs, micro-blogging) not as often as I'd like of course, I hadn't truly experienced the immediacy of this public reflective exercise and how powerful it is. The thoughts once written invite global commentary which may or may not be valuable. The real value is in how, once written, the ideas, beliefs, and practices noted reverberate internally.


  2. We all need to find ways to consolidate our own experience. Writing down, making a record, is first of all an act you do for yourself. Re-writing, reprocessing the idea so you can share it with others, gives it structure and helps you to fully grasp the concept yourself. If a discussion develops, further opportunity to really understand the issues can arise. If the initial record is never made, there is following process. You are the only one who can record your own primary experience.


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