State Of The Net 2012

Nice to have a professionally shot video of my keynote at State Of The Net 2012 in Trieste earlier this summer. In it I go into some of the themes of my book and get a bit more philosophical than I usually do.

2 thoughts on “State Of The Net 2012

  1. Hi Euan,Your keynote is a great piece of intellectual thinking which I have forwarded throughout my organisation with the help of our available networking tools.After listening to your keynote story, I clicked further in YouTube and I got to see the start of the panel discussion led by Gigi Tagliapietra. I was strugged by the first question Gigi Tagliapietra asked the panel, because I believe that your keynote story was not so much a vision (which is about shaping a theoretical picture of a business) but more an overview of the current developments within businesses (which is more about shaping a practical picture of a business). And still Gigi Tagliapietra askes this first question:"in a big organisation … how is Euan's way of thinking possible today? What do you think – in reality?"Only this question shows the wrong-doing of your work and the ignorance of network-enabled working. It almost seems like that organisations put their heads in the sand and hoping that the storm will be over. When they come out of the sand that they can see what the damages were caused by the storm. Do you agree?I also just want to let you know that a share your vision: that all people are blogging. I am working on this vision by leading by example. I have said farewell to Microsoft Word and welcome to MyWiki (or in other words my Shared Drive in the Network of 150,000 employees)Cheers,Richard


  2. Hi Richardglad the video made sense! I agree that businesses who put off dealing with the changes we are seeing only make things harder for themselves. Thankfully yours appears to be one of the ones happy to get their hands dirty.CheersEuan


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