I can feel another book coming on …

I really enjoyed the process of writing my book Organizations Don’t Tweet – People Do and miss getting my teeth into longer form writing. I have a six week tour of Australia coming up in October and November with lots of time possibly spent in hotel rooms so I am tempted to use that time to focus on writing another one.

Last time I warmed up by reading books about the craft of writing and I am doing the same again, this time focussing more on how to self publish in various forms. I fancy writing a series of shorter more targeted books and publishing them on Kindle or iBooks.

The topics I am toying with at the moment are:

How to become confident at writing about your work

How the social web can save 25% of the cost of doing business.

A new business literacy for a new business world

Any suggestions as to other areas of the use of social in business that people would find useful for me to cover or areas of my first book that you would like me to cover in more depth?

11 thoughts on “I can feel another book coming on …

  1. Ooh what fun! Write the one that gives you the biggest bolt of energy when you think about it.How do you know your ready for your next book? I've been wondering if I should start on number 2 myself… Not sure I'm ready yet.PS How does one arrange for a six week tour of Australia? I want one too 😉


  2. Lucky you, although if you're like me, the hotel living bit will be the only downside. Nothing beats family and home.What are the relative merits of Kindle/iBooks out of interest? My suggestions (I’ve still not got round to ordering one of your “Organisations Don’t Tweet – People Do” books). * Just GFI (stop prevaricating and start writing)* TTT; Improve your writing with these Top Twitter Tips * Social Media. Reach and Influence* Social Media. Recruitment Analytics * Social Media, Marketing* Social Media. Increased ROI* Social Media. Connect, Team and Trade


  3. Thanks Halelly – I was going to combine my own energy for a topic with the ones most people seemed interested in. I decided to post about writing a new one partly because I keep thinking about it and partly to nudge me into getting on with doing it!The Australian tour is with The Australian Computer Society. I will be doing eight gigs in eight cities for them then other client work and events while I am there.


  4. Thanks Emma – and for the tweets. I am going to find it hard being away from the family for so long and hotel life is fun for the first night and then pales fast. Not sure I see much difference between Kindle and iBooks other than reaching more people. I also fancy having a play with iBooks Author which people rave about. Thanks for the suggestions!


  5. I'd go with:"How to become confident at writing about your work"One of the big things I've noticed is that colleagues that I've tried to inspire/empower to use social media for work purposes are actually already experts thought they don't know it.On their own personal Facebook accounts they know exactly how to communicate, what will interest their friends and what might bore them (so shouldn't be shared) etc etc.People already know how to communicate. Then when they have to do it on behalf of their employer they get scared because they think there is some trick to it. If it's just conversation then, as in life, some people will like us and others don't and with a minimal amount of tact we'll avoid damaging our employer in anyway.So many people though have this mental block of literally making their mark online fearing that it will come back to haunt them. Many people just don't say anything (I'm surprised by how many people I know have Twitter account just for reading) others take refuge in business speak and answers by committee.We just have to unlearn the lessons of sign offs and committee decisions and start putting our faith in employees and trusting them to behave responsibly.


  6. Having the confidence to 'let go' is crucial to job performance, personal satisfaction and business results. Not just writing, but many great things happen when someone struggles out of arm-bands and swims to the centre of the pool – creativity, leadership and enjoyment, to name but three. Of course, writing also incubates these other forms of accomplishment.


  7. I think the whole "unlearning" area would be a rich one to look at. But alternatively what about a poistive "23 things" approach to learning about tools from a business point of view. Here's one of the many sites from librarians (where this movement originally started): http://23thingscambridge.blogspot.co.uk/ But could it be used by any business?


  8. The whole unlearning, letting go, changing the mindset thing is the biggest challenge that's for sure. Thanks for the suggestion of the 23 things Ross


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