Happiness is …

Happiness is a newly mown lawn. And yet how hard it is to get started. I will do anything but get that mower out and have even been known to hope for rain on a day I have agreed to cut the grass.

But the quiet satisfaction of getting it done is so sweet. The slightly aching muscles, the smell of petrol and newly mown grass, the neat, alternating, light and dark lines drawing your eye down the centre of the garden. It feels good for a short while. I resolve to try harder next time.

But I know I won’t …

3 thoughts on “Happiness is …

  1. The dilema I face that gets ever worse. Wait for the grass to dry before mowing it or risk clogging up the mower. Everytime it rains I have to wait a bit longer as there is more grass to dry. Maybe I should invest in a scythe!


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