iTunes for journalism (reprise)

Some time ago I suggested iTunes for journalism and compared newspapers to albums – having to buy two crap tracks along with the six you really want. Why not build an RSS playlist of journalists you rate rather than having to pay for all the stuff you don’t?


This tweet from Mark W. Smith suggests taking the next step and giving journalists their own platform – at least for longer form pieces. I know all the arguments about the need to fund good investigative or foreign journalism but this might in the long term prove an interesting alternative.

3 thoughts on “iTunes for journalism (reprise)

  1. I think this is inevitable – It's the person that interests me and they connect me to the paper not vices versa – now may be harder for the star to ,eace the paper as she or he gets a salary, vacations, paid trips etc and a as a freelancer may face more uncertainty.So what might pull them into this space?


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