Flexing our muscles

It is really interesting to watch first the Internet population’s ability to turn back SOPA through the strength of a collective response, and now to watch both the phenomenon of KONY2012 and, more interestingly, it’s backlash.

Part of me loves the way ideas can spread so effectively and so quickly on the Internet, and part of me is worried by it. In “real life” we have all sorts of social and practical constraints on our righteous indignation. On the web we don’t have such constraints.

We need to individually take responsibility for our power to amplify, or to ignore, each wave of ideas as they pass through the internet. We need to apply our own filters and make our own judgements as to the truth or otherwise of what we are passing on. As I wrote in my book we all have a volume control on mob rule and we need to learn to use it.

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