Just for the record …

Banning social sites at work is for wimps – real managers have conversations with their time wasters about wasting time.

5 thoughts on “Just for the record …

  1. Good observation. This is "the Tar Brush Fallacy" in action. It's the fallacy that also leads some teachers to yell at the whole class and give class detentions instead of dealing with the miscreants. There are examples everywhere.


  2. Agree! it has more to do with hiring people you trust, confronting time wasting issues and using social to contribute to employee engagement. You can't block the Internet forever – just ask China! By the way – you're not really blocking them – just blocking what type of device is being used. Your employees are on social at work and wasting MORE time because their relegated to mobile. #gettingawaywithitanyway


  3. Lol. Real managers don't waste time by talking about time. They have delegated and said when the work is needed by others. They only need reports on what has changed and might change the departmental plan.


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