May my pebbles ripple in your pond

I just tweeted about the odd feeling of cramming ideas into my head as fast as I can when eventually my head will no longer exist. This wasn’t necessarily as gloomy a thought as some may have assumed.

I have often thought that writing a blog post is like lobbing a pebble into a pond. You are not sure where the ripples will end up but you aspire to getting better at lobbing them and making bigger ripples.

A while back I was chatting with a friend about recent discoveries in neuroscience and got on to the way significant or repeated thoughts have a physical and persistent effect on our synapses. We reckoned that one way to achieve physical immortality would be to make sufficiently significant and replicable dents in enough people’s heads – literally!

As we parted he said that my pebbles were rippling in his pond. I reckon this is as much as we can hope for …

5 thoughts on “May my pebbles ripple in your pond

  1. I think that's exactly it Euan. The significance is not in the head-stored ideas, but in the difference between what goes in and what comes out… so long as the latter impacts on something else sooner or later. If you think of yourself as a function, rather than a product, then its the modifications you make that are immortal.You could even argue that the head-stored ideas are, in isolation, not even ideas… it's their causal properties, or their properties as part of a system and network of other people and things, that constitute meaning. These are the things that are, potentially, immortal… partly thanks to all those meaty (but now papery and minerally and bloggy) hosts.Rippling me, rippling you… ah ha!


  2. [Supplementary ripple. I guess a relevant consequence of what I'm saying is that *all* such 'causal immortality' is physical, and that the organic version – derived from bashing the synapses of others – isn't of a higher order just by virtue of being organic. The reason is that it's no better than the inorganic at conferring the self-awareness, or autonomy of agency, that would be needed for the immortality of person/self.]


  3. Euan, If you have not yet, you most likely would enjoy reading about the new branch of science called noetics. They have found that those persistant thoughts are measurable and have a quantifiable effect on humankind as a whole and have the potential to direct our most significant choices. Check it out!


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