Words matter

It is interesting how often in my work with clients our conversations turn to the words we use. Words to describe the business benefits of what we are doing. Words to make using the tools attractive to colleagues. Words to clarify what they expect from vendors and to help see the wood for the trees. We invariably agree that we don’t yet have the right words for any of it!

2 thoughts on “Words matter

  1. I wonder if there ever will be the words?At the moment I am reading 'The Master and the Emissary' by Iain McGilchrist. It is a quite amazing book that I have only just begun to digest but that I believe has huge relevance to your post and to the broader issues of creating a more social world. McGilchrist discusses the nature of the brain, particularly the contrasting functions of the left and right hemispheres. He suggests that, in modern times, the left hemisphere (the Emissary), where most of our facility for language and grasp of the specifics of our world resides, has come increasingly to dominate the right hemisphere (the Master) which is responsible for our empathetic connection to the world. He argues that it's pretty much impossible for the left – with it's need to articulate precisely with words – to comprehend the frame of the right. (Or something like that.)So my conclusion is that the true benefits of working in a more social way perhaps cannot be verbalised. They have to be got. But I am only on page 135; if I have made no sense, do read the book.


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