When wrong is right

My thirteen year old daughter just sent me this poem that she wrote:

When wrong is right

If right was wrong and wrong was right,
Then death would be a sorry sight.
The birds would never sing their song,
And all would be governed by all that was wrong,
Or is right?

If wrong was right and right was wrong,
Then life would be forever prolonged.
And merry ways would sooner die,
For the forbidden fruit would always be right,
Or is it wrong?

If right was wrong and wrong was right,
Then day would always be the night.
Darkness would never have shone,
A light that would always be wrong,
Or was it right?

If wrong is right and right is wrong,
Then why shall I suffer for ever so long.
And die when life is out of sight,
For life will never be so right,
Or so wrong.

7 thoughts on “When wrong is right

  1. Gosh. Thanks Bob. She will be chuffed. She has also written 30,000 words of a novel which I am seriously thinking I should show to a publisher.


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