“The world needs to take a rest”

Doc Searls’ post today, remembering his blog around the time of 9/11, brought back memories. Not just of the dreadful events that prompted it but also that his post about he and his son looking at a sky devoid of aeroplanes prompted me to email him. This triggered our connection that grew into friendship.

It also brought back my own blog post, reproduced below, of an exchange with my daughter. It seemed particularly poignant four days after so many people died.

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Out of the mouths of babes
My nearly four year old this morning on being told that she couldn’t get up intil the sun came up:

M: Daddy…how does the world make the sun come up?
D: Well the world turns round and then the sun comes up.
M: And why does the sun go away again?
D: Because the earth keeps going round and that makes the sun go down again.
M: That must make the world very dizzy wizzy.
D: Yes darling. Sometimes the world gets very dizzy wizzy.
M: Well the world needs to take a rest then Daddy.
D: Yes it does…..yes it does darling

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